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So my girlfriend accidentaly toppled one of my jets so its all cloudy now..

How is the best possible way to fix it ? I have turned it off but is there something i can do to help it ?

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Sucks! I've told my wife touching my lava lamps is a divorce offense. U could maybe filter it. But I'd listen to those that know alittle more than me answer.

I'd get rid of her! Just kiddin, just funnin'. I've heard people on this site talk about running it through 5-6 cycles. Turning it on for 4-5 hours and then shutting it off. And do that a few times and it should usually clear itself.  

I would try what Mattmos suggested and if that doesn't work your last resort is to change out the water there are a few methods in the lava library you can use.

If its a Mathmos lamp or a USA lamp then a lot of cycling should help it - they can clear up.

If not then its unlickley that it will clear so if thats the case or it dosent clear then a water change will do it.

Thanks for all the replies ! Lamp is a Mathmos Jet and it is slowly getting more clear.. Girlfriend is now dumped and therefore more money on lamps!

I did this with a clear black a long time ago and it was pretty much a nightmare, so I put it in a box and forgot about it. 6 months later I check out the globe and it was perfectly clear and ran fine. Best thing to do with these is to just leave it alone and let every little bit settle.

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