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I turned my lamp on in the dark tonight and I have noticed an unsightly smudge all around the middle. I thought it was just where it had been handled, but after a good clean it must be in the Globe itself, anyone know what this could be?

I cant afford a new globe and it looks horrible. :(

Oh and its a blue/blue Mathmos astro :)

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Cool, thanks, I will give it a few runs and see what happens, I have never opened a globe before so I am a bit weary.

That is such a relief. :) I was counting the pennies for a new globe.

I have a 14inch lava lite that heats up far too fast in my opinion, I have changed the bulb but it seems to still be doing it, I only get about 2 hours then all the Wax stays at the top. Is it because it is too small and heating up too fast?
It's a 25 watt I am using, but then again it is a china made lamp...hmm...

I think I might just replace it with a mathmos, I have owned many lava lamps, but nothing flows like a mathmos, I just wish it would clear.

Many thanks.

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