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So Mathmos Astro bottles fit on the lava brand 52 ounce bases?


I like the turquoise/clear!

I read in another post that they do fit on the 52 ounce bases, especially on Centurys
Anyone have pics/collect the astros/run them on lava world bases?

Just curious! would love to see photos

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These are 52oz Astros on Aristocrat bases, they will fit Century bases too

Gorgeous photo, wow they are really really clear. I like the blue in blue. I was curious to see how the tops were sealed.
I have 52 oz LW dark royal blue base that came with the yellow Spencer's exclusive, I noticed that other people who have the yellow with blue base, their bases are lighter blue,,

I have 2 century bases and 7 LW bases, some of them I do custom paint/glitter jobs on heheheh

LampHead, you got those shipped from the UK> wow they don't cloud or break I want to buy a globe from electricplanet but I shouldn't spend money but I'm tempted to start buying Mathmos versus LW. How's the Astro flow?
cool base globe combo
These are nice but pretty pricey to have them shipped from the motherland.

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