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Insufficient funds.... right on my effing doorstep... 15min drive... this auction will 'rocket'... 

The sea in my eyes...   


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yeah, I thought with a local pickup only, that it would stay pretty low, but NOPE! 

Thanks much for posting it originally!  :)  Someone got a great looking lamp!

Something told me that bidding was gonna soar!!!!  I wasn't watching, didn't have the time truthfully, but a lot of ebayer's (a hem, maybe, possibly myself) will wait it out until the end and then pop in their bid......I've seen some of those auctions sit at a stable bid, then soar at the very end!!!  I lost a few lamps that way....

anyone pick up on Lunar rechroming? it looked stunning, i'd like to have it done to mine, dents tapped out and so on...

i have the last 2 they sold on eBay  the blue and orange 


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