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Again, I feel I need to direct your attention to a ridiculous price that an ebay auction went for, recession my ass:


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Sorry, this thing while rare is not that cool. Wish I had one to sell to the second place bidder.
it is a rare base/cap not the "normal" swirls. The ones with multi colors are extremely rare. Bohdan has them of course and can tell you more.
I bet the seller is having a heart attack lol. I can understand the price justification. I saw this lamp a few days back and never seen a multicolored swirl base before.

Anyways, other sellers are going to see this and go oooh, I can get that for my lava lamp!
Yeah thats one of the Haze Swirls very rare, one went for over $400 before. Few years back.
I agree!
You have to remember eBay - IS the place to go to find stuff. Period. No other place online has anything near what eBay does. If they didn't have rules, you could probably buy pretty much anything. Nukes, organs, people, etc.

I love it more for buying. Selling, it too is the place to go. Prices are not as bad as I remembered honestly. Sold $700 worth of items in the past month and I only incurred a $20 dollar fee.
Ask any of the old timers. Capeflorida always pays top $ for lamps.
Yeah, seems like he has an affinity for the 70's. Lots of centuries and hawaiiana stuff too.
Nice collection Bohdan... I love the typical swirl bases but these are extra cool.

When you say they're hand painted do you mean literally though? They look like they've just been dipped/swirled in a few paints that were floating on top of water. I've seen that technique used before to make marble looking objects, but I'm not sure if that's how they make the swirl bases.

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