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Are there other sources for wax that works well besides Magma? It's time to place an order, but it dawned on me that there may be other places to look.

(BTW: what is so special about the wax? Is there some chemistry that makes it intrinsically 'better' than candle paraffin? Just curious as to the chemistry.)



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Other than buying a lamp (Lava, Mathmos, or el-cheap-o Chinese) and dumping it you have one choice, Magma Tower.  Yes there is a big difference between candle and paraffin wax.  Lamp wax is formulated to be denser than water and thus sink when submerged, paraffin wax will just float until it is modified.  Go for the Magma Tower, if you get a bad batch of wax they will replace it they are good about standing behind their wax product.

Yeah JC, the only reason I personally use it is because i don't have any other choice.  I am however ordering Peak goo dye because I'm not crazy about how some of the Mt dye is responding.  So far the only colors I have had luck with is the green, yellow (that was a blend so can't really tell anyway) and the violet.  The blue  keeps turning purple on me and when I go lighter it fades to almost white.  I used to talk to a very nice man named Kim there, but according to sources he is no longer there anymore so now I don't know who my "go to" will be.....UUugghhh......and I am coming up on getting a nice lot of goo kit candidate lamps (well hopefully).......

Thanks for the replies.

I hate to say it, but I prefer the old Lavalite goo and dye. I dunno if it's worth a 'patent' but there's something about the 'flow' and the colours of the old ones. The colours are more 'milky' and the flow is less 'bloby'.

The thing that Magma has going for it it that it seems -easy- and -reliable-. What I've noticed is that Lavalite goo is touchy.

I'm in need of more goo ...BUT after sending a photo of the gunk in the replacement goo to Kim at MT and not hearing back for weeks I'm very reluctant.  I'd be quite interested in any goo recipe anyone has!

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