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Is there an archive anywhere of all the lava lamps spencers has had in stock?

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hey! it works!

(thank you)

Autumn said:

Great source, Autumn, farthest back I could find was from Oct 2005....

Here are my memories of 90's Spencer's stores in many different malls in Florida. First time I went into a Spencer's was maybe 1989 as a kid, always wanting a Lava Lamp, Wave Machine or Blacklight. Bought the latter two, but by 1995 I bought my first 32oz Midnight Blue / White. The 32oz were all I remember those early years, in just a few colors. I recall shelves stocked full from the floor to at least 8 ft high on wire metal shelving with a middle section lamp display, much like today, and some behind the acrylic stands. Spencers was my happy spot! Between 1995 and 1997 many were added like Silver and Midnight Centuries, along with more lava colors for the 32oz midnights, Silver Streak, and some Electrics. I remember Cranberry and Lime were "new" at the time. My second lamp was a 32oz Red/Yellow with Gold base. It was gorgeous I loved the flow! Things friends I knew purchased...Cranberry / Clear Midnight from there, and also another friend had a Purple / Clear Midnight, and a Green / Clear Midnight Century (which I was very jealous about). Lamps were $39 to $59 at that time. By 1999 it seems the stock of the Centuries sold out and started to see Silver and Midnight Aristocrats showing up more. Giants were also there in mid 90s, they were about $249 and sometimes just one in the front window... I was sticker shocked wondering how long it would take me to save for one.

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