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Hi guys, 

I'm here in the US for few days, and i just spotted those lamps at spencers, unfortunately, they are not on the display of the store, but they have them in store.

has anyone bought that one or that one ? are they worth it ? 

The review on the teal white is good 



thank you 

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if the red / purple with gold base is the same as the 50th anniversary, it will be fine

I wouldn't bother. Most of the lamps I've bought from there will have one of several problems in a short amount of time: gunk in the wax after a few runs, poor flow, lava stuck to the glass around the top/bottom of the globe, lots of pinholes in the glass globe...

If you're not that picky and don't mind some of the flaws mentioned above, go for it. If you want something that will last and look good in a few years, I'd save your money.

My friend just purchased a peacock 52oz lamp from a local spencers. The paint job was pretty darn nice and even though it takes forever to warm up, once warm, it flows pretty nicely for a new lamp. Not just one blob up and down. Even gets a little snotty at times. I wonder if they changed something.

It can also be very hit and miss, maybe he just got a good one.

They can look quite stunning early on. But taking one look at the display at my local Spencer’s told me I should steer clear. They looked horrible. My point is that early on, a lot of them look great. After 20 or so runs and that’s when you’ll see problems.

I can't argue with that and it totally might hold true. He has only had it a week or so and maybe 7 runs

I hate to be such a downer, but I don't like seeing people waste their money. I think people need to know what to expect when they buy these lamps. 

Every time I go to the mall I still check out the lava lamps are Spencers and I agree with Erin. They end up looking awful after a while. I'd avoid them. I did see a nice silver one with some kind of flake paint job that I liked. However if I were to buy it I'd just be buying it for the base and cap.

I bought the teal one, was not very good, reminded me of the deepest part of a murky lake..lol the liquid was clear but the light was dark, did not look that good, returned it few days later

Erin, even with 90s formulae, it's recommended not to run them for more than 8 hours at a time. Is it possible that the Spencers ones look a bit worse than they are because they get run 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and probably get manhandled a lot?

Yes Jonas, true. But even the new ones get crappy looking after only a few runs. I had one I ran twice and it got all kinds of gunk in the coil. Not even sure how that's possible. I don't have the ability to run mine (the new ones) 12-hour days and by the time they are problematic, I haven't even run them 20 times.

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