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I see that Spencer's website has those neon's available now. Have to go see what these look like in person to see if there are worth it. Autumn do you know if there more colors available or is this it?  These remind me of the old days of the midnight aristocrats minus the pinholes.

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Did you get your yellow one before or after the "recall"?

BTW, the Spensers I was at this week had a Grande in stock.

I got mine before the recall

i'm facing a similar situation.  the $90 cost for the MSR filter is a hard pill to swallow, but may be worth the investment.  i am betting that there are cheaper options.  there is commercial filter paper available that is much cheaper and wonder if it would work just as well as the MSR filter.  i'll check in to it.

Bridget T said:

I got lucky, my spencer's had a yellow.  It was what I would call lightly cloudy and I bought it expecting to have to filter it in the future. They actually had two, and I got the least cloudy one.

I have two other lamps that are also lightly cloudy, so I'm thinking a filter would not be a bad investment anyway.  The lava addiction has only been dormant, and since it has reawakened I don't think it's going back to sleep anytime soon.  Of course, I also want grandes so figure if I'm prepared, I'll end up with clear ones.

Bugger.  The lava in the new lamp is no longer sticking well to the coil.  It's now worse than the last one. :(

Egnix said:

I wasn't sure what Spensers would consider as "defective" (my lamp did turn on and the lava did somewhat move), so I was a little hesitant to take it back.  But they had no issue with my exchange.  Ran the new one last night and it was flowing really well (once it got going).

So, next question: Anyone seen any Yellow Neons since the "recall"?  I've only seen the green an purple in stores.  If the yellow ones are out there, how are they?

I got my yellow last week, but I have a suspicion it was one that got skipped in the recall.  I can see occasional yellow blob in a yellow haze, reminds me of driving to work when it's foggy out.

Once I put my clear neons next to my clear midnights, I'm beginning to think even crystal clear neons are going to need help eventually.  I'm patient though, I'm haunting ebay for the filter.  I've discovered some places sell a replacement for the original ceramic only MSR.  Worst case I figure I'll pick up an ex for cheaper and just replace the filter.  It is a bit of money though...

Ooooh...where have you found the original ceramic-only filter?

im also in the market fro a filter. ive been told MSR is the way to go but ive also been told to stay away from filters that contain active carbon cuz they can remove chemicals and the lamp may not flow anymore. while reseraching filters and searching for the best deal i found out that MRS filters while ceramic, also contain active carbon...so im hesitant to spend $80 on a filter that may result in a non flowing lamp. i have found another smaller cheaper ceramic filter that does not contain carbon, filters down to 0.1 micron and its only about $30...the only thing is its very small and looks cheaply made so im not sure which one i will end up buying.

Does anyone know if silver impregnated filters would cause problems.  Silver is generally used for anti-microbial/fungal, so it shouldn't cause problems but I'm collecting opinions.

If not, the katadyn Mini is another ceramic only filter, just has the silver.

If you do a search on the forums, the cheap msr filters tend to last one or two uses, and then the housing cracks.  Of course, if you only had one or two lamps to filter, it might be ok.


Only website where it says its the replacement filter for the discontinued models.


Looks like the new filter to me:
"Carbon filtration removes unwanted chemicals such as chlorine and VOCs"

I've read that the filters for the MiniWorks and MiniWorks EX are pretty much interchangeable.

we should combine our efforts and find a cheaper alternative to the MSR filter.  companies like Whatman make scientific-grade filter paper, though I'm not sure if it goes down to .2 micron as suggested in other places on this forum.

i'll take a look and see what i can find because i'm not going to spend $90 on a filter if I can spend $10 on some filters and a funnel.

so far noone has found another filter that will work, and that includes HEPA type

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