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So I called lava lamp today to inquire about stock on the glitter grande bottles and black bases. Stock is low so I will most likely buy one.

From what I gather from my brief conversation, they don't know what will and what will not be continued however, grandes in particular are up in the air and there is a chance they might not continue them. If they do, the selection will be ultra limited from what I was told.

This also goes for the entire line.

it seems they have their hands full trying to get their act together in terms of how to run an fullfill the orders.

I was informed though the the lavalamp site will most likely be folded in their own site and will not be standalone anymore.

It could be a matter of months from what I was told.

Again, who knows how accurate this info is but I advise anyone who needs anything grande wise get it from where ever you can like walmart as I doubt the grande future is bright.

With regards to the glitter grande, I am jumping on one while they because I feel they will never be made again.

Also, I asked to speak to Susan and was not allowed to talk with her.

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Well i got my 4th grande from amazon (orderd it a few days ago)  Seems they learned after me to not use massive boxes to toss the lava lamp box inside so it slams around like a bowling ball.

This one came clear and standing upright when delivered 

I got the pink lava purple liquid

But i plan to drain it anyway and do it a cyan liquid.  Which should make the lava blue..  Depending how dark on cyan i go it can make the lava purple too i think.. but most likely cyan and blue lava.. should look neat.

Off to work got a few customers and when i make that money ima order a glitter lamp. Im thinking of getting the gold base..  Black looks good but when i though about it the gold looks a littlle more flashy for glitter..  Well see when i get back.

Going to save this clear purple fluid though deff not tossing it 

^^What are you trying to use to host vidoes online?

Also, very good on the clumping, it makes me want to buy one but again I am on the fence.

I do feel once they are gone, they are gone. The lady didn't really seem to think they are going to continue much grande wise. She kept saying we are trying to manage EXISTING STOCK.

What am i using for videos ?? Huh ?  or you talkin to someone else lol.

Manage existing stock to me just means the probably have limited stock and too many orders.. That doesnt mean they arent being made.

Fyi my grande i got today has a 2018 stamp on the bottle top.. Ill check the base which also includes the month

I was talking to the lamp caretaker LOL

Mna the purple liquid pink wax lava lamp looks almost exactly the same when its running as the purple and yellow wax..  The wax looks red when its flowing, and the yellow wax looks red too..   Kinda silly that they are so similar.  It doesnt matter though im going to let it cool down and swap the liquid for my cyan idea.  I dont think ive seen a cyan liquid and pink wax combo before.

Also i am about to order my glitter grande.. but im torn between black base and gold base..  Did you put the gold base in my head because you dont want me to get the black base because you want black and you said there are only a few left lol..  Because you mentioned gold then you said you dont like gold haha.

But now the gold is kinda catching onto me..  I wish i could see a picture of someones glitter lamp with the gold base though.

Does anyone have the multi color glitter with a gold base ? 

Well i ordered my glitter lamp with gold base yesturday.. black just seemed a too dark to me everyone i asked friends and family said black but i went gold lol.

I wanted to do 2 day shipping because im impatient but not for $35.  Probly wont see the lamp for a week or so

how were able to order with gold base the site didn't work for that combo when I checked eventhough on the phone they said they have about 70 of those bases in stock.

2 day shipping for that size package, $35 is cheap but I wouldn't bother as shipping via ground is free.

Please report back when you get it as I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Take some pics, take some video :)

Worked fine for me on my pc and my phone ? 

One the pc is kept blinking back and forth between color combos and wouldnt stop but i just kept clicking other lamp colors and options and eventually it worked fine.

If it were wax i might have done 2 day shipping as im on the east coast, but for glitter i dont need to worry about the "wax" breaking apart clouding it.   I did free though as i just got my other lamp 2 days ago from amazon and i couldnt justify spending 35$ extra

Here is the color i changed it too btw, instead of cyan i did turquoise water with the pink wax

Just checked schylings website.. They have the lava lamps on their site and the prices for grandes are 10-50% higher then on the lava lamp website.

They are 110$ and for the pink and purple grande its 150$.  There other lamps are also more expensive.  I dunno if this means anything.. but to me it jist smells greed specially when they are 70$ on amazon.. And even cheaper on the old website

walmart website best place for grandes

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