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Looked everywhere on OG and I can't see where the fluid in the old Stardust (in the consort bottles) has been identified. Anyone know or has a guess? Mine are very dark and I was thinking removing some fluid and adding in new oil will help. I'm thinking mineral oil but would like t be sure.

Thank you!

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I know that some older style glitters contain either Trichlorotrifuorethane CFC-113 (Liquid Freon Fluid-now banned and unobtainable due to its effect on the ozone layer)
Or depending on the Vintage and Manufacturer,..
Chlorinated Tetrachloroethylene which is otherwise known as Perchloroethylene/PERC (CRC Brakleen a.k.a. Dry cleaning fluid), is very nasty smelling

All online research confirms the indications that the older glitter lamps (Wizards) were Chlorinated Tetrachloroethylene, some % of white Spirits/Kerosene to adjust the density, and the use of coated Chemical resistant mylar for the glitter.

Thanks Claude, I want to get it right. The flake in them is fantastic. I'll be patient until I have it all figured out. 

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