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Any of you try these out?  I am super intrigued, especially by option B as it looks like it would create an awesome effect.


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I saw those. He was selling a lamp he had replaced the color wheel on, too. Looked pretty neat. 


I don't have a Sunburst, but I'd be interested in seeing how easy these are to change out. 

It's cool to have a replacement but it says that it doesn't work in the Sunburst 4000 which is what I'd need it for,

Now if he could make long replacement sprays then that would be great.

Now if we could just get replacement sprays!

Hello, I am new to the site my name is Joe and I find this to be an interesting community. I love Fantasia Lamps and I have a bit of a collection mostly of the Sunburst 4000 lamps, I like the others but have not stumbled upon many as of just yet. I also am the guy on eBaY who creates and sells the replacement color wheels for the Sunburst 4000 lamps, please message me with any questions regarding these replacement wheels if you have any questions. I just want you all to know, I have attempted creating replacement fiber optic sprays with no luck. Unfortunately with no availability on the good glass fiber optics anymore that is pretty much a dead deal, the poly optics just plain suck, they do not have the same effect or nearly the amount of fibers. I can however help you all out with a fresh replacement color wheel, either replace it to replicate the original or I can create a diffrent light effect all together. Visit the link to my eBaY listing to check it out, There you will find picture samples of all of my current wheels and links to youtube showing the effect of the wheels, again these videos really do not show off the true effect of these wheels/lamp.
I also would like  to clarify that the replacement color wheels DO fit the Fantasia Sunburst 4000 Chrome lamps..The older ones that have brass fittings the wheel is designed for. It is the newer style, Sunburst (Black) that they are NOT available for just yet because of the all in one gear/wheel combo. I am having a hard time with these, not going to be impossible though. Here is a video of my newest color wheel and I seem to be doing well with this one it is getting a lot of attention, check it out, I call it Kalidescope...The video does it no justice what so ever.

Welcome to the site jmpenny! :)

I would just like to add that I currently am able to refurbish the color wheels on the Black model Fantasia Sunburst 4000 lamps with the graphics of your choice, simply visit my eBaY page click on "Buy it Now" to checkout and then simply remove your damaged wheel from your lamp, package it up and ship it off to me, I usually perform the work removing and re-surfacing and applying your new graphics and re-ship the same day free of charge. These are guaranteed too, Please also see the attached photo of a set of refurbished wheels. I hope to help out some of you ! Lets restore the beauty of the Sunburst 4000

Those are awesome! Very cool! I don't have one of those models, but very neat nonetheless!

I just wanted to let the community know that i am starting production again on the fantasia Sunburst 4000 replacement color wheels and i also refurbish the color wheels from the black sunburst models. See the photos above. If any of you are interested contact me within this post. I am going to upload additional photos of the various patterns to select from.
Here is a before and after of a black model Sunburst 4000 that had been refurbished back to the original color pattern.

Are these still available!?

jmpenny32 said:

Great question. I will be making a separate post about selling these again but will be limiting the sales to just this group for now until I figure out another platform to sell them on. Unfortunately I had to pull the listing from eBay due to terrible business practices and policy changes that they have implemented on their part. But yes I still have these color wheels available for sale for the following models, Cosmos 5000 Sunburst 4000 solar one and regency. I also still do the refurbishment process to older black model Sunburst 4000 lamps. I will be accepting payment only through PayPal and the process will be pretty much the same as it was when the listing was active on eBay. You will select the pattern you want from the photos that I will share and then pay which will include your shipping to you. If you are opting to have one of your color wheels refurbished from an older model black Sunburst 4000, you would then pay for the shipping to me you would have to remove the wheel from your lamp and package it safely in a small box I will perform the refurbishment to the wheel apply the new graphics you selected and I pay to return ship the wheel to you. If anyone has any questions before I have an opportunity to get this separate thread put up in the group don't hesitate to ask any questions in this thread thanks again and I appreciate your patience while I get all of this sorted out. 



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