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The Dark Knight Rises Lava Lite to feature new color combo

There will be 2 versions. The "Scene" features a clear/black globe. The "Hero" features a black liquid with "clear" wax! They are due for shipping July 1st, 2012.

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I can see this too, 20 oz are like lava lamp for the kid under 10 and are a cheap gift, not all that hot when running etc. But us grown ups need the big boy toys :)

Autumn said:

The 20oz line supports the 32oz and 52oz lines. If it werent for the cheap 20oz lamps that sell so well there would be no way they could offer us the good lamps. The reason Lava Lite had to go to China in the first place is because of the failed business model of the past. The 20oz lamps are here to stay. We don't like them, but non collectors do. It is all about making things sustainable.

Steven said:

That sucks. I talked a lava rep a while back and I asked why her company is so stuck on the 20oz lamps and she replied by saying that they are their "best sellers" and I replied by telling her that only reason why they are their best is because thats all they make and she did not like that. I noticed in the past that there were a ton of different color combos. My only hope is that spencers will decide to make a 52oz globe like they did before when they made the 52oz globe out of the black/orange when lava lites stuck with the 20oz.

I would love to see a photo of this when someone buys it.

Me too, if the globe is nice I'll just use it on another base and give the batman base to the kids :)

I havnt seen it myself yet. I will see if I can get a photo.

Photo coming monday.

Here it is.

Looks awesome! I'll have to get one.

Ahh this explains the black liquid, I bet the glass is tinted and covered with a film, exactly like those rainbow lamps are covered in.

I'll have to get one. Just because batman is cool. Wish it were bigger.

That is cool and I am glad they didn't tint or wrap the glass like the rainbow lamp (that couldn't be helped though) - this is something I will try and get in time not because of the batman theme but more because of the combo and black liquid.

This would be fantastic in 52oz or grande version and for a 16ozer the flow is good so overall I am impressed.

Some pics.

The camera makes the liquid less dark than it actually is.


A few more.


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