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The rainbow lavas - 52 and Grande - anyone have one yet?

I see the rainbow Grande and 52 oz. are now on Amazon.com - I'd prefer to buy there because of their great return policy. See it here. See the 52oz. one here

I'd love to see one in person - anyone have one yet? I really wish Lava Lite would post ACTUAL PHOTOS instead of these stupid renderings...

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I'm with you Erin! I'd love to see some real images too. I'm really interested in the grande.

I don't want to go through the disappointment of returning these to Lava Lite - I'd rather handle it with Amazon.com. And let's be honest here, there's a pretty good change I'll return these lamps... I JUST WANT TO SEE ONE. I LOVE RAINBOWS.

I just spotted this lamp at the store.....$39.95 for the 52oz colormax.  32 oz color max is $25.95, 20oz polka dot model is $21.99 and a 20oz multicolor glitter is $19.99.  Nothing out of the box though.

What store Bill?

See my pics for a photo of this and others new in box.  At Hastings Music Store.


Found these on Instagram!! Looks like it overheats alot... It could also be because of the heat from the lamps around it making it too hot.

Also these. The one with the snakey flow looks promising! Another great thing about this lamp is that it seems to be crystal clear!! Is this anyone on here?? If it is, I apologize for using your photos.. Just got really excited to see actual pictures.

Those pics appear to be the Grande' Rainbow not the 52oz.  Notice in the last pic the lamp on the left is a Heritage Grande' in Neon Green......note the starlight base.

Thanks for finding the pics! I want one... so bad. Need to wait for a coupon code... Grrrr...

Well, my friend Mike has one and it's already flaked off in two places. He has the 52 oz. one. 

Poopers. My Spencer's and Target do not have any of the new lamps yet. 

I love it! It looks AWESOME!!! I checked out the Grande on Amazon and it says ships 1 to 4 months!?? Im assuming they are not in stock? I don't get it.

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