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Hello everybody,

It seems that my Mathmos lamp has some problems.  The flow is like a tornado.

The goo runs up the tornado inside, and then falls back down to the base, like a 'tornado'.

Help would really be appreciated.

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looks fine to me

WHAT?! It looks like if there's some kinda problem with it...

And also sometimes the goo touches the top, the goo sometimes never comes back down.

no at all but maybe its just me

makes the lamp look strange. :o  it should flow like this:

Lava Lamps are a lamp of a million shapes, its flowing so that should make you happy :)

So each is unique?!

yup, honestly the first pic you showed is what I like to see in a lamp except when they overheat lol. And from the looks of it, and being a Mathmos, your globe looks great!

What your describing is classic Mathmos flow - you wont get that with any new lamp other then Mathmos as that formula will make the wax do this as well as blob's as it heats up further.

Hey Anson, I think the "snakey" flow looks great. My turquise/clear Telstar also has this flow, and my red/violet Astro Baby too, love it :-)


can i see your telstar?

I would like to show you, but my camera (phone) is not the best, but anyway, I will try and post post some pictures soon :-)

Anson, just added a pic of my turquise/clear telstar twister flow, same as yours, sorry for the picture quality, need that digi camera soon...


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