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I won this lamp on eBay


Get it today and the base is all dented and pushed in and the bottle cap is cracked, luckily nothing leaked. This is why I fuckin hate buying off of ebay especially 52oz black screw caps.

I specifically told the seller how to ship it but no. I'm DONE NOW. This is was it.

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Bert if yo could please forward me those messages just in case he doesn't comply. THanks
Oh I know now he definitely dropped it because he was like LETS JUST LET PAYPAL HANDLE THIS.
He said he had proof that Bert was trying to complete a transaction outside of eBay. Oh well he refunded me my $40.50 back so now I'm gonna send his broken lamp back to him. Now I just need to know what to do as far as feedback goes. I mean he technically deserves neutral but then that could rehash something.
Ok, here's the deal....I e-mailed him and asked if he had a BIN price on the lamps. He said that he would sell them to me and even sent me an invoice, that I paid. Two hours later he sends my money back, and said that he dropped the blue one. I said fine, I still want the other one and paid for that one. Same thing....he sends my money back and says that this lamp was damaged too. Sooooooo.....who is the bad guy? I asked for a BIN and he sent me an invoice, which I paid. I would have been glad to do a BIN through e-bay. The call was his not mine. Stay away from this dude....so underhanded!!
PS AFTER you get your $$$ back I would still leave him crappy feedback. All this BS and you are still out a lamp that you had your heart set on. Not to mention all this agravation!
Where did he refund your money from? Did he do it on his own or did paypal get it back from you?

If he refunded it on his own, keep the lamp and leave a neutral feedback. Let it die be done with it. If it was refunded because of paypal, send the lamp back and then leave a negative stating the problem.
I do that all the time. I leave it up to the seller whether or not to keep it inside ebay. Ebay frowns upon it, but it's the business world. Ebay fees are too damn much as it is. If the seller will sell to me outside ebay, they will. They are happy not to deal with the high cost. Most are honest and I have never had a problem.

It seems I have more problems with the actually people selling on ebay. Lol.
Well he refunded it on his own. I just notice the $13.75 for shipping. He cheated on that. I'm leaving him negative feedback and keeping the lamp. Then I'm done. Its not fair to other ebayers if I dont' leave him neg. feedback.
I just want to say to everyone thanks so much for your great advice, even if I didn't agree with it. But we all live and learn and that makes us stronger. I hopefully stopped this guy but there are a million more that are way worse so please always be careful.

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