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Well i am trying but not suceeding... don;t need one yet but the way things have been going with bulb bans and stuff i figured a while back it was time to stock up a couple of spares.

Thing is that i can;t find a website for Lava World Europe (Bristol) at all, and if i email Lava World US i get a reply from Lava World Europe from a forwarded email saying i need to get the bulbs from them, but when i reply to ask them how to order i do not hear from them again!

Anyone got any bright ideas? Is there a LW in mainland europe that might be more helpful? Or am i stuck waiting until the spring when (maybe) i will be in the US and get a friend to stock them up for me?

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They dont make the bulbs for the Colossus anymore. LavaWorld recalled the bases to retro fit them for a different bulb type but ran out of parts. As far as I can tell the Colossus has been discontinued too. You maybe able to find them online though, some bulb stores may still have a few in stock. basically any 200 watt bulb that will fit should work fine.

Thanks. Actually that sounds like less trouble than having to deal with lava world anymore :~

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