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Two unsolvable lava problems I hate - "lava column" and bubbles

I've got a few lamps with these problems (don't we all?) and to date, I don't think anyone has a solution for either one. I've tried poking the bubbles with an unfolded paper clip, but the fix is very temporary. 

My theory is that lava with this bubbling problem is either the lava heating too quickly or wax breakdown. I kinda lean towards wax breakdown, as this lamp in particular is very clear when cold, but clouds up a little when running. Also, and it's hard to notice, you can kinda tell good wax from bad. The bad wax can seem to have little flakes or chunks in it, even if the flow is good. As far as I know, there's no way to fix this problem. 


Although this lamp doesn't really have the lava "column" problem, I snapped a shot so you could see what I mean by "lava column". I have a really lovely red/white that does this almost 90% of the time it's running. Never breaks up, never does anything really except undulate in this one column. 

I've talked to a couple other members who have red/white 52.oz globes and both of them have the same problem. Lamphead seems to think the problem lies with the red liquid. 

If anyone's ever found a fix for either of these issues, I'd love it if you're share! 

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This is a bit late in the discussion but I have been poking the bubbles in my lamp with an opened up paper clip.  Its taken a week or so of on/off each day and poking the bubbles but they are just a few small ones left.  If they weren't in the lamp to start it may have occurred in shipping.

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