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Hi guys,


I am new to the site and am pleased to see there is a community out there who love Lava Lamps.


Last week at a car-boot I managed to find a large lava-lamp. I instantly thought by it's quality that it must be Mathmos. However, having found no print or other similar ones I am really not sure.


The lamp has gold goo and fairly clear liquid! Is this collectible? And does anyone have any idea about who the manufacturer is?





The Ebay link is http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1706659439...



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Hi Jack welcome to OG! I believe that's just a china made lamp you have there. Who sold them, I have know clue, I know that's not Mathmos. And is the wax actually gold? or is it silver and just looks gold when the light is on?
Hey I justgot one like it and the person that I got it off of said she has had it for 25 years. It has german writing on the cap allong with english, I have never seen a china made lamp with german on the cap.. As you can see mine is gold  and the lava is metalic gold in colour.
The guy lied to you, that lamp cant be more than 10 years old. It is a china made lamp you can find brand new on ebay.
Thanks for the info I got it at a garage sale off the guy for $5 so I am still okay.

Thanks for the replies,


Dr.WHAT the wax is definitely gold-like and not silver.


Is the fact that is China Made heavily detract from it's value? I still think it is good for the collector!


The rim of the cap has french writing around it.whether that gives any clues I dont know.  Steve, yours looks pretty cool also!

I have two of these. A metallic gold and metallic silver. They were sold by Woolworths in the U.K.
Is the fact that is China Made heavily detract from it's value? I still think it is good for the collector!

Yea china made lamps wont have a resale value of much as they are made cheap and in bulk. - However that goes by the general rule of thumb but if you have people interested in them then that can push the price up.

As for collecting its not really a collectors item but if you want to collect them then go for it - its your collection and not anyone else's.

Its defiantly not Mathmos as they make quality items with good mettle build quality and formula, where as china lamps are often made out of cheaper materials and lower quality formula / fluid.

However I have to say that from looking at the pictures the lamp looks verry cool and I wouldent mind having one myself if it pops up on eaby some time.

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