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I decided to put this under the problem section because if anyone has ever received a shipped cloudy china lamp, you probably already know the chances are slim of it clearing.  I ordered a new old stock snakeskin safari series and last night on the first run, the lava was sluggish as all get out to flow properly and the water was terribly cloudy.  I am currently cycling this lamp.  After last night's cool down, I have fired it up today and although last night you could barely see anything through it, already today you can tell from my pack of gum (lolol) that it is clearing up!!!  Ya gotta luv the vintage stuff....takes a licking and keeps on ticking!!!  I think this thing rolled around in the box since 2003 according to the cap code.......

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Carol. USA globes usually always clear up at least all of the ones I have did. However the clear/blacks and clear/reds usually take the longest to clear in my opinion. As far as the sluggish flow goes just be patient some new USA globes take a good amount of runs to reach optimum flow. I have found the globes that take the longest to break in turn out to be the best flowing!

As far as China globes go they usually never clear up. But I have heard in the past that a few do. LL has gotten much better with the Grandes tho.

Thanks Tim!!!  I keep bursting it.....I just have to be patient with this one.  I guess if i sat in a box since 2002 i'd be stiff too!!!  lolololol

Your welcome Carol! I also want to add this....some but not all of the 2002 lamps do have some quality issues I have found. I'm not sure why maybe because of rushed production near the change over to China but this is just a thought. However I wouldn't worry about it tho even a slightly less quality USA lamp is still better then a China lamp in my opinion. I would run the lamp 8 hours on and 8 off and repeat until flow is good. However if it looks like it's gonna over heat before the 8hrs turn it off of course. This is the info that I was givin to me and it worked so I'm happy to pass it on. Good luck keep us posted!

This lamp isn't an overheater with the a/c on.  Now i don't know about normal winter house heat.  I have been running it on and off.  Maybe not exactly 8 hours because today i had to shut it off to go out.  I don't like to leave my lamps lit when no one is home with having 5 dogs.  But so far it looks to be clearing a bit.

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