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I know this is a way off topic post and I know that we don't really talk about our own personal issues and struggles on hear, so I am not intending this post to be about me moaning or attention seeking - I just want to talk about dyspraxicia and try to raise awareness of it so hear goes.

Basically dyspraxicia is a neurological condition (i.e its a permanent affect to the brain not a illness like mental illness or physically transmitted illness) it is a immaturity of the brain as the information is not transmitted properly. - It affects movement and co-ordation, thought, awareness, sensitively (often dyspraxics are over sensitive), memory, speech, social situations (i.e. lack of sochal skills). dyspraxicia relates to ill mental health (often axianty and depression) and also  to other related conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, aspergus, autism  etc (these are more known about).

As you may have realised I am dyspraxic and in some way or another I have issues with all of the dyspraxic - i am affected a lot more with the mental aspects opposed to the physical  ones.

I am just writing this so more people know about it as awareness of the condition is very low - if you want to find out more information check out:



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Thanks for sharing Tim. :) We do get into some personal issues in chat, and many of us are friends here, so I say no problem to this kind of information sharing. Knowing one's struggles just makes people that much more tangible and human to me. We all have our struggles and there is no shame in speaking out or sharing them. 

I've struggled with anxiety and depression for years, but I found that when I talk about it, others share, too. And that's a good thing - connecting with others. 


Unfortunately its no surprise that you haven't heard about it - awareness of dyspraxicia is very low, thanks for checking it out on WIki I do appreciate it.

I have heard about synaesthesia before I can't really relate to it except that I am light sensitive, I know that synaesthesia is related to dyspraxicia.
I usually check all of my posts with spell checker - so that does help but I am sorry if some words mess things up for you.

Its ironic that you seem my name like that orange is my favourite colour :)

Tim, Thank you so much for sharing this information.  : )

Not a problem I am quite open about it, i don't intend to make the post about me but rather to raise awareness of dyspraxicia on OG.

Thanks all for appreacating what i have to say :)

T said:

Tim, Thank you so much for sharing this information.  : )

nothing wrong with it being about you :)      Always good to share info

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