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Scored this on eBay for $85, shipping included after looking for a long time. I will will replacing the goo with a white or dark plum and rewiring the lamp to run in the US. I'll be using this thread to post my progress.


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Hey Brian,

can´t help you with the gookit, never used one. But the lamp looks great with that furniture. Love the brick wall , yes thats a cool room!

I put just a couple flakes of this white dye in my goo kit wax and it makes it look really solid.  Looks like original lava lamp wax.  I'm going to try it with this white dye and then some other color one of these days.


Even though it seems to be hard to get the lighting just right, here are a few pics of the color changing lamp I'm working on.  I used the Goo Kit and put just a little of that white dye in.  I wanted colorless or white because the RGB LED is coloring the wax.  It looked clear like yours before I used the dye.



Thanks, I'll check it out. I'm kinda disappointed that the goo kit will not turn opeaque.

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