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Vintage GemLite Lamp 'Confetti 700' Brass/Gold/Clear RARE

Hello OG,

This is Michael at www.ebay.com/str/oysterbayantiques and Thank You for welcoming me to OG. We have some exciting finds posted on eBay and OG that I am hoping you will enjoy and tell your friends and other collectors about. In the next few weeks, we will be posting more exciting pics of more Lava Lamps as we uncover them from our warehouse. I believe we have 20 or more and I would really appreciate some input on value for sale and insurance purposes. Thank you again for welcoming us at Oyster Bay Antiques to Oozing Goo. 

Enjoy the Pics, Michael.

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Hi Michael,

I'd like to ask why you priced the 14" lamp with purple wax at $149. A lamp like that can be bought brand new sometimes even for $20. As you see on this site many many people here customize their lamps. So, even if somebody wanted that EXACT color of wax, they could alter a brand new lamp to have that color.

Hey Mark, so what do you think the GemLite Glitter Lamps that I have posted pics of are worth? Some say they are in the $500+ range while others say that their value is more in the $2500 - $3500 range. That is quite a wide discrepancy, and I would love some input from an enthusiast like yourself. Thanks, Michael at Oyster Bay Antiques.

Hi Michael, I was ONLY referring to one particular lamp that you had for sale for $149, not any of the rare ones. The rare ones are not similar to anything available for sale now, so a higher price is justifiable. I don't collect rare lamps so I don't know really how much they are worth

You have some nice items!

worth $200/250 on a good day

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