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...Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?

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Ethyl acetate is fingernail polish remover, but I thought about paint stripper too. I still haven't gotten any to try it out, though.

Try paint stripper, definitely way more hardcore than what girls use on their nails. That stuff used to burn thru triple extra thick nitrile gloves so quick I had to swap them every 10 minutes when I worked at a restoration shop stripping down old paint off classic cars.

Rodrigo is right, Loren.  Our nail polish remover does well to take the polish off our nails.  If it were strong enough to remove the paint on the bottles, we girls wouldn't have any fingernails left, just stubs.  I don't think it'll touch that paint on the bottles. 

Thanks for that! Although...did you know ethyl acetate dissolves styro foam? That stuff is deceptively hardcore. I have some paint stripper though, so I'll try it.

That's pure acetone in that video though, isn't it?   Our nail polish remover is not, I don't think.   If it is, I won't use it anymore, since I have a can of acetone and it's bad stuff.  The fumes will knock you over. 

laquer thinner

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