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I finally got one wall done. All simple built custom shelving from 2x10's. Its 12 feet across and 7+ feet tall. I still need to either paint it or stain it, im leaning towards staining. Now I have to do the other side of the room. Enjoy


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The orange Alien was actually pretty fun to do, I turned a loss into something unique. I flip flop on changing the color to maybe black or red...but I love the orange.

Wow looks fab, lots of very stylish American lava classics here
Wow! That is fantastic! I have just over 20 lamps now, with 9 on display, and my family thinks I am a little crazy!?! Little do they know...


p.s. Please update when flowing. And video would be so cool to watch!
I sure hope theres no earthquakes where you live!
I think im leaning towards painting it white now, I have to agree it would look good. There are 100 lamps in this display, every shelf is wired seperately so I can pick which shelfs to turn on. Its fed by 2 seperate 20 amp circuits. I have not ran the whole thing at once yet because it gets way too hot in the room, 30 or so lamps on at once and it gets over 100 degrees within one hour. I will see how many I can get going with the window open maybe this week as the temps have been in the single digits for a few day now around here. I will keep you all posted.

That's obscenely awesome. Rediculous. How'd you wire all that because I'm looking for ideas. I have a few of my own ideas but I'm looking for more as my collection is growing.
This is amazing. I'd love to see them all lit up. :)
From one woodworker to another I gotta say......Awesome man!! This is the best! Very nice workmanship! What is the story behind the oh-so-cool orange alien?

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