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I know this is going to be futile, but I would really like a Grande blue/white combo. I don't care if it's cloudy or not. So, if you have one and want to get rid of it, let me know. Looking for a decent price. Nothing off the wall.

Thought I would try and put that out there :)

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Well there's currently one on eBay going for $450 or best offer. Give that a shot. It can't hurt to put your best offer in. Only 75 were made so good luck.
I did put an offer in. It expired. So either he didn't like it or he wasn't there. I think 450 is too much. That's just me though.
It is a very nice lamp.
Unless you GOTTA have original, make your own....all you need is an empty grande globe and base and 5-52oz white/blue globes and a little time and patience. Much cheaper than $450 this way.
Good idea but it would not be the same. The 52oz have different colored blue liquid and the wax really isn't white. It's like a cream/peach color.
How would you go about adding all the wax.
Im guessing you would have to melt all the wax, gently ad it to the globe then let it cool. After that, then add the liquid. Never done one so I don't know.
Much bolder than I am. I did a $100 offer. Just to see. I agree, not worth $400. Maybe if it was the entire package, globe, stand, cap, box and all - maybe. I don't know.
Notice how he's only selling the globe and how it's completely cool and settled?
This is to conveniently trick you into thinking that the liquid remains that clear when you run it. He mentions that they had problems with them but not the fact that they were cloudy.

I bought one of the blue/white Grandes when they came out (through here at oozinggoo and probably from that ebay seller for $200) which arrived cloudy. I only used it a few times, it didn't clear at all and I can't tolerate a cloudy globe so I never used it after that.
When cooled down and settled it's as completely clear and beautiful as the one in the ebay pic... but once you run it it clouds up as soon as the lava heats.

I'm dying to know how DrWhat?! got his so damn clear!! :O)
Oh!! I've just been reading about "filtering" in the problem/question forum. This is an amazing discovery and I am totally gonna try it.

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