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hi all

i got my earthly belongings all the way from england to australia in a container, in one piece, including my green, and my opal fluidium mathmos lamps...

however, my mother, who was here to help us unpack, appears to have gotten over enthusiastic with the unpacking of the lava lamps, and threw away all of the packing paper surrounding them, including the white plastic top that sits on top of the opal fluidium bottle!
it had to be the opal one that got lost- ofcourse, rather than the easily replacable green top, but i wasn't going to make a fuss...my mum and i have history regarding these fluidium lamps, that goes back many years, from when she shook up my heated greem fluidium bottle when it was a week old "to see what happened". i hit the roof, and mum learnt her lesson, but i hope i have matured enough to not let a lava lamp part damage our relationship again...but it just had to be the bloody opal top she threw out for ***** sake!

anyway, if anyone has a redundant opal fluidium that they could sell me the top from, i would appreciate hearing form you!
my lamp is rather usless without it, as it looks like a girl with no hair, so i would like to find it another wig!

please reply here, if you have wind of where i could find one!


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I have an opal cap if anyone needs one...

Didn't LAVAMAN-UK have some? Not sure if he's still a regular here nowadays. I wish you luck anyway.

kat said:


anyone got a cap to sell please???

price + postage to the uk please!

KAT (see above) is desperate for one.

Paul said:

I have an opal cap if anyone needs one...

Paul said:

I have an opal cap if anyone needs one...

hi pAUL..

yes, i need one...could you please let me know how much you want including postage to UK please???

Another Opal Cap back on Ebay Germany

probably the same one as before! i did email him, but he won't post it to me in the uk unfortunately :(

don't know why, as its no harder to write a uk address on and post it , than a german address!

shame, as no one bid on it las time so i could have had it!

Why not ask a German member on this forum to bid on your behalf?

how do you find out who lives in germany??

Why don't you post a separate "add" asking for German members to help you out?

Check out UK Ebay

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