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Well I know how the wax is different and needs less heat to melt and flow in goo kits, but mine won't even run on a century base and then when i put it on an aristocrat base it flows nice. I am thinking this is because i just finished the lamp today and the contents need to mix or do i need to get a 60 watt bulb for my century base?

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60w and a dimmer can be helpful for stubborn lamps.

I've found certain globes can take forever to get to the proper temperature on some century bases.

But once they run, they can run for a long time.


well I had it running on an aristocrat base abd put it on the century and it stoped flowing and wouldn't rise after 5 min.
I would then go with a fresh new clear bulb or a 60w and a dimmer.
i have it on a clear bulb right now just put it in
repeat the clear bulb is in and we have lift off. :)
w00 h00!
still not full flow may need more heat but i will give it time. This lamp is amazing. It makes patterns on the roof like you said your white one did.
I just finished my first Goo Kit lamp.  It's a 52oz Clear/Yellow.  It seems a 40w bulb doesn't generate enough heat to set the goo in motion.  Need to get a 60w bulb and dimmer and try it out.



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