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We need 10 Lunar owners to order new Mathmos bottles (different colours) 120,- Deutschland / Europa

We need 10 Lunar owners to order new Mathmos bottles (different colours) 120,-

shipping to your adress

we are two.

we need 8 Lunar owner more

Hallo, wir brauchen noch 8 Besitzer von Lunar Raketen die eine Flasche in Wunschfarbe haben möchten. (2 sind wir schon, nur die es auch im Shop für Astro, Telstar usw. gibt)

Der Versand geht an euere Adresse von Mathmos aus.

Stückpreis anstatt knapp 200,- nur noch 120,-

Wäre toll wenn wir die 8 Leute noch zusammenbekommen.

Wer interesse hat bitte hier die Wunschfarbe posten

Würde mich freuen wenn den Text jemand in ein vernünftiges Englisch formulieren könnte :-)

1x Gelbes Liquid - Rotes Wachs

1x Gelbes Liquid - Rotes Wachs






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Flow is interesting and unusual, but I'm partially disapointed.

some big scratches on the glass:I don't really care if I made a bottle from a whisky one with a goo kit, but this is inaceptable for a product of this price.

It seems the dye is not fully mixed with the wax, I hope it will cure with time, because it makes the wax dirty.

Anyone having this issues?

And I forgot: the wax doesn't stay on the coil :-(

I'm running mine a bit lower as seemed to overheat quite quickly... does look gorgeous though. I'd contact Mathmos direct if bottle bad.. too expensive to let go by the by!

That's for sure, I'll phone them tomorrow.

So you don't have any blue stains in the wax from the dye?

Spencer Wilton said:

too expensive to let go by the by!

When cold the wax has a few small patches of darker blue wax.

What do you mean by "the wax doesn't stay on the coil"?

Has it sorted itself yet?

Hi Simon,

on mine even when hot, there is still some dark blue dots, and at the bottom there is also some stains moving in the wax.

About the wax leaving the coil (and stopping moving), the only way to cure it is to lower the dimmer nearly half way, but then the flow is smaller..

Comparing the diameter of the coil with my other bottle, this one looks the same section as the Fireflow one, while the older one was as large as a finger.

How large is yours?


Here is another pic:

We can see the  color variations, and the coil size (Mathmos told me today coil size is normal)

Are yours the same?

Hallo, I did not receive my bottles yet.

the blue wax sees very beautifully out in the picture and I am gladly also this color to have ordered!

Maybe the colour- differences mix themselves with the time!?

I think the coil size issnt important- main thing it is something metal with in it.

all the best...

Hello Astralav,

I have the same surface discolouration as shown in the photo when the wax is cold.

When it warms up it flows nicely, but does not have your other problems.

Same size coil. Hope this helps, Simon

I didn't get mine either. the blue seems really nice. Is the water slightly cloudy when cold and clear after as the pink one?

Yes it's a little cloudy  when cold, look the differences with my orange one (and look at the coils too):

When hot, I didn't notice cloudiness, but I didn't compare it to my orange while both hot.

Anyway if it's cloudy, it's not an issue, as it's not really visible.

pascal said:

 Is the water slightly cloudy when cold and clear after as the pink one?

Second run tonight:

I've been running the lamp nearly 4 hours at full power.

Didn't have any issues with the coil yet (but some alerts: few big holes without wax formed at bottom but it went OK)

Still have the stains / dye particules issues though.

Color is absolutely stunning!

It is impossible to capture on picture (trust me I tried everything!)

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