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Weird / vintage oil / rain lamp up for grabs Only $15 !!!!

Ok, I know nothing about this lamp. It came from an estate sale about a year ago and I have yet to run any oil through it. It is rather unusual.....instead of having a gold goddess it has The Madonna...so I thought that it was pretty wacky / creepy. The light works when it is plugged in, and you can hear the pump running too. As I said I have not put any oil in it, so I can't SWEAR that it works, but the pump does SOUND to be functional. This lamp is a table-top one, the cord comes from the back and there is no chain on the top and it stands abt 18 inches tall. It is in the same condition that I bought it in (read--needs a good cleaning.) Since I have not had time to do anything with it, I am trying to sell it for what I paid: $15. Shipping in the US should be abt $13....if it is any more than that I'll pay it. If you want it let me know!

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Never seen one quite like this before
Me neither! I've seen the statues, goddess, even an old grist mill...but this one is new to me! Hoping that a collector will be able to put this to good use!
This is one of the 80s/90s import models from Taiwan. It's one of the smallest rain lamps. My local salvage store has the swag version hanging behind the counter, working - they love it, and it's not for sale. These import models also came in antique bronze or gold with a gold or illuminated clear goddess or a fiber-optic flower spray, in gold with a Mill with turning mill wheel, and in black with a panther prowling on a rock. Fingerhut catalogs sold these for years. $15 is a good price for this kitschy little rain lamp - you'll want to dust it and clean it inside and out (with damp cloth, don't run water through it!) before filling it with mineral oil.

Is this still for sale?

Sorry but this post is almost 12 years old.  The lamp is long gone by now. 

Skorpion Moon said:

Is this still for sale?

I figured as much but as they say, you never know if you don't ask. Thanks for responding!

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