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I have been accepted by Lava Lite as an authorized reseller like I used to be with lavaworld. So if you still want a colossus for 499 Plus S&H let me know. I don't know how long this will last. I am limited to what they have listed in stock. The table is 35.00 If you order these from me you save a hundred bucks on the lamp right now.

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The fact that you can google colossus lava lamp and find this site is pretty cool!
I don't know how much longer!
Hello, they are selling out fast. all I can get is what they have listed on their website. It will take 75 to 90 days to get the granite base and caps restocked. I missed out on those also. Apparently these are selling like hotcakes for breakfast! I actually bought a purple yellow and it was the last one only in silver base and cap and have been debating a purple pink in silver base for someone. I have a feeling they are clearing out the lavaworld ones and that the new ones may be the newer formula like the formula in the grandes from Costco. try these links for European markets.
No I don't think it's the end I actually asked them that but the did not reply. They said it will take a long time to restock their shelves. Maybe more or a new line up this summer.
All right I,m pulling out all the stops. $499 plus shipping & handling and I'll throw in the acc. table free on whatever colossus they have left I use paypal this weekend or while supplies last only
very temping but sadly not now...are they making room for new stock? i see a lot have sold out

i hope they come back with the purple/yellow w/silver base
Does anybody have any idea how many colossus were made? Can't get granite bases:-(
Do you think this is the end of them or will come back in diff colors? Perhaps to expensive and this is the end if so I would buy more ,,, already have a few!!!!
I have one colossus that has a white rubber seal at top and all others black ...anybody know what that means. Also the clear liquids (Red and black seem to be the clearest before using .. less chance of dye leak?
Thanks all!
Jump on the bandwagon!
So is the $499 including table deal still valid and for how long? Also do we know how many remain ... as for example all the yellow/purple are gone!
Is the cloudiness and the dye leaking all the same thing??? There must be some good Colossus ... just need to be lucky like grande I guess.
IMPORTANT: I was told all the bases were retrofitted for new 200 W bigger Philips bulbs ,,, Bohdan did your base get adjusted so if the bulb goes you can replace? All my bases are the old original that take a bulb you no longer can get and the new bulbs will not fit ... thoughts....
I have a clear/red colossus, that I got locally in the summer, and the gent that had it, owned it for a few years already. I recently had to replace the dimmer switch cause the old one blew. No biggie. I also just more recently, needed a new bulb. I ordered a couple of the genuine replacements from lavalite, 200w bulbs, and went to screw one in and the bulb sat WAY high in the socket. Checked to make sure there wasn't an extender, and there wasn't. I noticed that the socket was just mounted on somewhat of an "A" frame with 2 heavier gauge 1 1/2" wide pieces of aluminum I'm guessing. With firm but gently pressure (lol, always loved that term...), just pushed the arms out and lowered and re centered the socket. Bulbs fits perfect, and the pig of a globe sits just above the bulb. Lovely!! Don't know if they were all made the same, but this worked great for me!

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