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Went to a bunch of thrift/antique stores today. Look!

But I didn't buy anything.  :(

I saw these at an antique store in Davenport. I had always wanted to see these in person, but they were in AWFUL shape. All around $200, too. Why would these be so much?

Price: $178. Said year 1958. That's wrong, right?

Price: $178. Said 1950s style.

Price: $178. Also said "1950s style".

Price: $295. Read "Approx 1960s"

Couple of other oldies. really awful shape:

And saw a giant? Grande? China lamp though. And cloudy.

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I actually don't have any interest in owning those lamps due to their condition. While I was excited to see them, it was so sad to see the shape they were in.

Also, I'm not one to haggle. I'm horribly passive aggressive. ;)

Though I would like to own a Consort someday, I wouldn't ever purchase on in that condition.

Thanks again for all your input. Very nice to read!
Thanks. Hope someone here gets 'em somehow and fixes 'em up.
I should also note that if anyone WAS interested in them to let me know and I'd see about getting them purchased for someone. I'd haggle for someone else!

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