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To cut a long story short I bought a cheap (£3) Astrobaby from a market a few months ago. The lamp worked fine once I replaced the bulb and I'm currently using it with my existing bottles.

The bottle which came with the lamp had been opened and drained of liquid by whoever owned it before, and I just left it in the box thinking it was no use to anyone. Since reading on this forum that the lamps can be restored though, I'd like to try my hand at fixing it.

I've no idea where to start so if anyone has a link to anything which would be of help that would be great.


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I've previously followed this formula for mathmos lamps and managed to get them working ok but it took a couple of attempts


I've bought 2 cloudy lamps from my local car boot sale this weekend so was just looking around for any alternatives before I give it a go again.


Anyone got any better suggestions?

I would say goo kit - from what I have heard its the most reliable option, its on Ebay and from the US.


For cloudy lamps you could filter them using a water purification filter they are about £90 on Amazon or if that's not worth it for the lamps then redo them - eather a full redo or a water change (see link bellow for the thread)


What lamps did you buy from the boot sale?

Hi there i have bought lots of dud mathmos lamps from the boot sales and i normally refill them with the lamps in the picture as they turn up alot and have more than enough liquid and wax & are normally very cheap :) and the liquid will work with crestworth / mathmos wax. here is my guide of this.

1 make sure you wash out the bottle first with hot water and washing liquid ( if keeping original wax use step 2 to remove)
2 then remove liquid from the sacrifice lamp and heat the wax in original bottle in base( its easier than using a jug with hot water in)
3 use a funnel and part of hose pipe that will reach the bottom of the bottle, this ensures no splashes of wax which causes wax to stick to the bottle.
4 place the funnel in the end of the hose and place the other end tightly at bottom of the new bottle and pour in the molten wax slowly, ensure the bottle is on a steady surface as you will need to let the wax solidify and if bumped while cooling it can cause the wax to stick.
5 once the wax is solid pour the liquid in using a different pipe, aiming at the side of the bottle, this stops the liquid getting cloudy from hitting the wax hard. once full tighten cap securely, and POW!! your new bottle is done :)

i hope this is of help to you. cheers James

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