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I found this on eBay while looking through the motion lamps. It was cheap enough, so I bought it. 

It looks identical to a lava lamp base, but there's no seam or pinch. It has a color wheel and it definitely seems like something went on top (otherwise, why the pinch in the base?). It doesn't fit a 32oz. globe and it doesn't fit a 52oz. globe either. It doesn't get hot enough to heat a glitter lamp (and hence, a lava lamp).

The adapter says Made in China. There are no maker's marks on it, though one sticker leads me to believe it was made in 1999. The color wheel is plastic and somewhat flexible. 

Any ideas? 

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  Does the disk spin, on its own, right now?

Erin said:

I just wonder what went on top. Something obviously did. 

Yes, it does. It works just like a Fantasia fiber optic color wheel.

  Ok then you can put anything made of glass, that will, fit in it. Measure the diameter of the base and see what you can find that will fit in it. If you have a choice, I recommend a frosted glass object, to diffuse the light more uniformly and to enhance the "glowing" effect.

Erin said:

Yes, it does. It works just like a Fantasia fiber optic color wheel.

That base has a real vintage look to it but the clues suggest no more than 15 years old.

Yes, it doesn't seem old at all. I'm guessing made in the 90s. It has a huge brick of a power adapter which is super annoying. 

Anyone want this? It's about to go in the garbage...

Erin why don't you get one of those round sphere shaped glass covers used for bedroom closet lights. You could probably find one at menards for like $5 I think that would look cool with that color wheel spinning.

Meh. I don't want to want to spend any money on something I'm not that into anyway. Decent idea though! 

worth a try im sure someone will take it

You take it? :)

lol oh no im trying to unload a bunch of stuff no more lamp for a while lol

I know, me too. :)

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