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I have a new neon Heritage Grande I ordered from Spencers. I just got it today. It came with a mangled and crushed box. I thought for sure the base would be dented. Not a mark. This lamp was packed with yards of brown paper. A return perhaps? When I checked the globe I discovered fiber-like stuff floating in the liquid. The lamp is flowing now and so is the gunk.. Does anyone know what it is?

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Looks like someone left half a paper towel in there.

Little aquatic dust bunnies...
I'm going to run it overnight to see what happens. My pink one (the one that no longer flows) had a few of these little dust bunnies and they went away when the lamp got heated up. But these are extra umm...fluffy?

That does not look good - i would give it a good fue runs and see if it improves failing that just take it back or refill the globe with something else

I have a lamp from 2009 that is clear when off for a few weeks, but will cloud up and something like this will appear. Maybe with a more frequent cycle of running it will dissolve.

I ran the lamp all night and there are only a few left floating around.

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