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I was excited to have the chance to buy a fantasia glitter lamp locally. When I got to see it, I was disappointed though. The reflective coating on the glitter is gone. Is it worth anything, is it worth buying?I would like to resell it to someone who could put in new glitter in it. Here's a picture:

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Oh darn, I got all excited thinking you found a Fantasia Cosmic Window!

I see you found a regular Fantasia glitter lamp instead.

Unfortunately old Fantasia glitter can often go bad like that especially if it is run to long.

The glitter becomes transparent from heavy use and will not be as reflective/nice.

I am guessing that it does not flow well for very long either.

They stopped making Fantasia glitter a long time ago because it used ingredients that were to toxic and were banned by the Government.

The only way to get new Fantasia glitter is to find NOS ( new old stock ) available which is very hard to find and very expensive!

To be honest i don't think a regular Fantasia glitter lamp with bad glitter would sell for much - maybe $25.00 ?

If you ever find a Fantasia Cosmic Window ( even if it has bad glitter ) please let me know as I would pay you a lot for it!


They had a 7 watt night lite bulb in it, and it was moving slowly. It might stall with a brighter bulb but I don't know. I guess it isn't worth the 20 they want. I'm glad I passed on it.

A regular Fantasia glitter lamp typically uses a 15 watt bulb and Cosmic Windows came with a 25 watt bulb.

I think they just ran the lamp too much/long and it cooked the glitter!

It is not really worth much now unless you want to refill it with some other type of glitter. ( perhaps glitter from Kirk or Loren? )

I run my Fantasia glitter lamps for no more than 3 hours at a time to preserve them.

I have one of the regular Fantasia glitter lamps that I bought from Erin.  The square glitter in mine flows well, albeit a bit slower than the faster LL Gemlites and Wizards.

Refilled with my glitter for $45 shipped -- this lamp is most definitely worth $20!  However, I just checked mine, and the Fantasia lid is really glued on tight.  So, getting into it may be a problem.


The lid is a problem. Is it a screw cap, or is there another cap under the big silver cap? I would love to see it restored with original square glitter. Do you have that available?

Sorry, no square glitter at this time.  I've had requests for it, and I'm planning on doing it in the near future.

I'm not sure about the cap and closure, either.  I'd need to get a hold of a crappy one (read -- low cost) just to experiment and see if I can get it off.

Well if you think you would be able to open it and refill it in the near future, I would buy it for 20 and would love to have it refilled for 45 with multicolor glitter.

I'd give it my best shot, Cowmatian.  The worst that could happen is that I screw it up trying to get it opened.  If I do that, I'll refund your $45 and your original $20.  It's worth the risk to me to learn how to do it!

How would I ship it? I'm in PA, are you anywhere near?

I'm outside Austin, Texas.  My shipping address is:

Kirk Olson

PO BOX 1188

Manor, TX  78653

I just need the globe, not the base.  Make sure the globe is bubble wrapped really well.  Then, use newspaper or other packing material to ensure that the globe does not touch the sides, top or bottom of the box.

USPS is the cheapest way to ship one lamp.  Ask them to ship it, "Standard Post" and don't insure it.  It should be $10-$15 to ship it to me.

I'll fill it with multicolor glitter and ship it back to you for $45.

I can do any size and shape glitter, but I can't make glitter fluid. I know what's in it, but either I'm not putting them together right, or in the right proportions. :( I'm an artist, not a scientist.

If I can get some lava orders though, I can fill that globe, for sure.

I don't want to bust in on Kirk's thing though! I was just saying...

Well, I didn't get the lamp. I went back to get it and the seller moved the price up to $50. The bottle was scratched up, and the base was beat up too on the back. If it still would have been $20 I would have got it. It's just too expensive for me.

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