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What should it cost? Used but pretty decent condition Fantasia 5000 spray only?

Hi All:

I was contacted by a seller I've bought from before about a spray originally from a Cosmos 5000 lamp. It looks to be in fairly decent condition and I know it will also fit a 4000 and probably a Solar 1 base. I'm really unsure as to what would be a fair price… I know these are no longer in production and sprays rarely show up by themselves on ebay.  Plus I've read with interest about the sprays from Germany but really like the idea of having an original Fantasia spray with the metal ferule.  Here are some pics I was sent with it sitting in a 4000 base… The seller disclosed there is some areas breakage, but to me doesn't look totally horrible. And the fibers are nice and white and not "dirty". Any thoughts?

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On ebay sprays sometimes popup for sale and in good shape go quite high...$250+ would not be out of the question. As you say they don't make them anymore and after 35+ years if they are in good shape...they are hard to come by.

I agree - if you don't want it I would give it a home here!

They are going to be asking $400 including shipping/insurance on ebay. I'm thinking I might be able to get it for $350 if no ebay/paypal fees

Good luck! I paid $350+ for a pristine Sunburst long-hair a while back.

With the damage/loss shown that sounds right, Solar 1s are harder

btw - mine has S1 written on the ferrule to distinguish it from the Sunburst style.

Yeah I know, but that was a while back and who knows when one might show up again. It's not like they are "readily available" They flat out said no thanks to the $250 offer but I got the impression $350 would fly

I'd go for it... I can't remember seeing another up for sale

This Spray is now list on Ebay. You don't got it?
No, I have to get a timing belt replacement on my car so I don't have the extra money right now for my "habit" :)

I scored a brand new one a few years back for $45. It was new in the box even. The price on the box was $29.99. It would seem that someone didn't know what they had. It was a buy it now of course.

Wow I wish I could find a deal of the century like that!!! When I get some more cash, I'm hoping to try one of the Pyrofag sprays.

You should keep in mind that the Pyrofag sprays will require customization to fit on a Fantasia lamp nicely.

They fit large size European lamps perfectly but their shafts are both thinner and shorter than an original Fantasia spray.

As is - they will not sit straight/evenly on a Fantasia lamp and the bottom of their shaft will rub/scratch the color wheel.

I could not get either of my Pyrofag sprays to work well on a Fantasia lamp however I did not really try that hard as they were intended for and work perfectly on my 2 Pyrox 32 lamps.

The Pyrofag spays are nice and they can be made to work with Fantasia lamps however an original Fantasia spray really would be preferable.

I have seen complete Fantasia Sunbust lamps with nice sprays sell for less than the $449 that used extra spay sold  for!

Fantasia Sunburst

Pyrofag 14,000

Pyrofag 10,000

If this spray came from a Cosmos, does that mean it is a straight Sunburst spray?

I don't own one, but have heard the Cosmos has a Sunburst base inside and uses the 4000 spray @10" or 14"?

I thought mistakenly it might be a Solar 1 spray, but can see now it isn't

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