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What should it cost? Used but pretty decent condition Fantasia 5000 spray only?

Hi All:

I was contacted by a seller I've bought from before about a spray originally from a Cosmos 5000 lamp. It looks to be in fairly decent condition and I know it will also fit a 4000 and probably a Solar 1 base. I'm really unsure as to what would be a fair price… I know these are no longer in production and sprays rarely show up by themselves on ebay.  Plus I've read with interest about the sprays from Germany but really like the idea of having an original Fantasia spray with the metal ferule.  Here are some pics I was sent with it sitting in a 4000 base… The seller disclosed there is some areas breakage, but to me doesn't look totally horrible. And the fibers are nice and white and not "dirty". Any thoughts?

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I am not sure, but I believe that each of the large Fantasia spray's may have had their own unique style hair cut.

Sunburst - 2 different sized sprays.

My medium length Sunburst spray appears the same length as my Cosmos spray's

I like the longer oval shaped Sunburst spray the best.

Cosmos - None of my Cosmos sprays are as wide as my medium length Sunburst or Regency spray. ( Perhaps they were cut that way to fit inside the globe better? )

Solar 1 -  Appears to have more lower hanging fibers that are cut all the same length so they drag along the base creating a circle of light.

All my other large sprays ( except the long Sunburst ) will work on a Solar1 but they do not produce the same type of light effect.

Regency - The spray I have looks just like my medium Sunburst spray. ( wider than the others )

That's gold-dust information, many thanks from here.

I knew the Solar1 spray was cut differently, it hangs wider, maybe to emphasise the saucer effect - and I know other experts agree about that circle of light...

...but didn't know about the narrower cut for the Cosmos. Makes sense to trim it to fit the Perspex helmet.

The recently sold spray looks pretty wide from the pix, that's why I'd hoped it was from a S1.

(btw mine has S1 on the ferrule, does any other Cosmos/S1 spray carry similar ID, or perhaps it's a previous owner?)

I checked all 9 of the large Fantasia sprays that I own and none of them have any markings/id's on them.

Andy....that marking is likely not from the factory. I imagine that some previous owner did that as a way to keep them straight. Like you and James they probably had a lot of lamps.

Yep, I agree, just wanted to check if there was a factory code to crack

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