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So, I've got a silver Grande, glitter with blue liquid. I never use it. Now that I'm getting a neon pink lava Grande, I need a spot to put it. Does anybody want this thing?

I'm partly tempted to use its contents to fill other glitter lamps. If I did that, would anybody want it for goo-kitting, and can they re-cap it?

If I do use the liquid, the rest of it would be free, pay shipping and it's yours.

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Im interested, in either it empty or with glitter. Kind of want a glitter grande :0 lol let me know what you decide to do man


daddy HUNGRY!!

Grande may be spoken for, by Joanne. Apologies. I'll mention it here if it's not.

^ dis dude whipped.

dammnnnn jonas

Sorry but i did ask yesterday :o(

Oh okay, then it's yours.

Grande is indeed taken. Sorry.

Jonas, if you decide not to use the glitter liquid, I'd be very happy to buy it from you if the others only wanted the globe.   I also have a Silver yellow/blue lava Grande that's bad, and would like to make it a glitter.   No worries if you're using it for other lamps, but just wanted you to know I'd be very interested in the glitter liquid.

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