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I got it and it worked great for about a week.  Then it started to run too hot with a 40 watt bulb.  It's a Sixties Century with a cool two piece base.  Changed out the bulb to a 30 watt mini flood and it still looks like this, crappy.  About ready to stick it in the back of the closet.  Any thoughts?

I would buy it off of you just for the fluid, if it's clear. Or you could save it, for the same reason. Then you could be the one putting the awesome wax with newly awesome fluid on that old awesome base.

You could always try redoing the liquid. It's risky, but if you hate it anyway...

I don't know what happened.  It flowed great for about a week and then it started overheating for no reason.  Baffling.  Now all it does is overheat.  I fixed my Coach Lantern and my Decorator by running them but that does not seem to be working on this one.

Just a thought, the mini-flood could be focusing too much heat to the globe.

It did the same thing with a 40 watt frosted bulb.  I put the mini flood in because it's 30 watts.  Good observation, Keith.

My Century has been overheating as well... looks good when it first starts flowing so either gonna try another bulb or put on a dimmer. It was my very first lamp.  If the liquid is cloudy, Erin has an excellent thread on redoing the liquid in old lamps.


I would enlarge it Derek.  ;-)


Jim said:

I would enlarge it Derek.  ;-)

Have you tryed putting it on a dimmer with or without a lower wattage bulb

However a redo may be your option as you said it was working fine at the start then it overheated so mabie its iver the coil as it looks like the wax has separated from it or its a issue with the fluid and needs to be refilled.

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