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k so whats in a wave machine?????????????? and don't say silicone oil either!!! Guess what that's just wrong that stuff is like Heinz catchup it is way to thick. I just order this hoping I had finally done it, And was going to make the "Alantis" wave vessel replacement I have been trying to master for so long. And once again FAIL.

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Only way is to get it analyzed and see what chemicals makeup the composition in the lamp. Anything silicone is going to be thick.
lol yeah i'm learning the hard way lol
Where could a person send chemical to be tested ? I might try.
You would have to have a friend in the business. If not, you can submit the "chemicals" for testing but not disclose where they came from - IE, a lava lamp.
Anybody know someone in the biz. lol
Just a thought, i wonder if there is any possibility that the clear / oil is paraffin oil / lamp oil / is basically Kerosene. I just don't what else to think.
Mineral oil?
Nope i've tried that many times it did work ok in two situations. 1) Mineral oil with alcohol,but in time the alcohol ate the plastic up. And 2) mineral oil and water but only because the tube was 30 inches long. Mineral oil is thinner that silicone oil by far but is still way to thick to use in any tubes / in the same ( or original ) dimensions that Lava Lite ever made.
Wow i'm so dumb sometimes..... I have some old original wave fluid(s) in a container I bought a while back as spare stuff. Till today I have never taken the lid off the container wow it smells strong ! So after smelling it, it reminded me of fuel hmmmmm, so I took a toothpick and dipped it in the fluid and guess what, You can set fire to it very easily, did the same to the mineral oil and the silicone oil and they do NOT burn. I can set the toothpick on fire lol but the oils don't really ignite. so I believe I'm on the right track.
maybe it's some kind of petroleum distillate like naphtha, like the "white spirit" kind they use to thin oil-based paints with.
Not sure but i'll look into it, I'm looking into 100% paraffin oil for right now. I read somewhere that referred to it as liquid candle, kinda fitting for a lava lamp company huh lol.
Have you thought about or tried lamp oil ? I know its thin like water and I have seen many colors. It is kerosene based so it should float on water and not mix. Menards has a decent selection. Also Casey mentioned naphtha which is lighter fluid (Ronson brand for lighters not grill lighter fluid) which is just a little thicker than water and also should not mix. Something that seems so simple is the most difficult..LOL


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