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Tilde says it. What lamp do u want above all others? In what color?

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Id love a cartman as well

Jim said:

I suppose I would also love to find the Cartman Icon as well.


Deb said:

Saturna, the little UFO. Just scored one today. yay!  Oh and Dr What's Pink Floyd Wall lamp. ;)

A nice crystal clear lava lamp!


 Humongo although I would settle for a Colossus.

yea soap lake lava lamp :))

what is that lamp loren

That was posted here by Marcel, and was listed as a "small excalibur", but it's the only one I've ever seen. I want it sooooo bad. :(

Tim Gill said:

yea soap lake lava lamp :))

what is that lamp loren


Marcel likely made that custom. He's very talented. :)

I think that would have to be an excalibur bottle, but I think you must be right...look at the foot of the base! That doesn't look like an excalibur base at all. I love it!

Didu ever get one of these? Lol :-P

Jim said:

One lamp I would still love is a Collosus, but the one I would prefer is the American version, a Humongo.

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