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Getting to know you guys this past year or so has been great - I've appreciated your expertise, guidance and let's face it, entertaining posts! And now I'm wondering what everyone's favorite lamp and color combo is. Everyone has one favorite - and try to only post one favorite... bet you can't... ha :O

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USA - Clear/Blue Midnight Century
UK - Lunar/ Any colour

I own neither hehe, but those are my favorite lamps.
Opal Fluidium.
This changes day-to-day with my mood. If I had to guess right now:
60s - Enchantress Planter (Elegant type), Princess, or Consort.
70s - Aladdin s Lamp or Mediterranean.
80s - White/blue Midnight. THE 80s lamp - the one that brought the popularity back! Also, white/blue brass Aristocrat, so elegant in a dark room. Wish I had either one with a screw cap.
90s - Pink/pink Midnight, maybe? Don't have that either.

Crestworth: Rocket or copper Astro Mini. The former is modern deco cool, the latter is pure British elegance.

Foreign: Too many French glitters to name, but probably a beloved lamp above others (you know who you are who helped me get this, SO glad you made that Empress reign again!) is the standard oval column with two oval windows...but, rather than brushed steel, the outer shell is made from thick ceramic, with a spotty green glaze resembling pond scum and moss growing on a rock, which even has random raw spots revealing green-underglazed rough ceramic where the glaze didn't fire right. Has thread glitters, and is just amazingly pretty.

Also must note the MasterCrafters Action Starlight, which still holds me in a spell. Someday if I find the right spot, I'll put the Starlight, the Action Starlight and the Eternalight in a row.

Yeah, you were right - I can't post just one.
That is AWESOME man... cool pics! Thanks!
That is totally sweet, I mean sweet! Thanks for sharing!!
A true addict - I LOVE IT! The lamps you mentioned are truely classics! I'll check your pics for the Opal column & the rest! Cool - great reply!
Weebs, you are the only one that posted ONE fav... cool man... :O
I love the Telstar, the lunar, the astro is just classic and the new white astro baby looks very sleek.

Metallic wax looks very cool too.
Red Flock Astro
there can only be one: the famous lunar! followed by telstar, jet, fluidium, astro...my favourite colours are violet/red, clear/red and blue/green.
This lamp is the coolest in the world. It is 7 feet tall, 23 gallons, changes 7 different colors via remote control and can respond to music. Also, it runs on LED's so you never have to change a bulb again.

By far my favorite!
Although I don't own it...
The consort with the picture of the clown on the bottle, the Nite Lite, is my all time favorite.
That is probably the one lamp I wish I could find more than any other.


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