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When I was younger, I had an original lamp given to me by my grandma. It didn't flow and has since been trashed (SIN! I KNOW!). I then had one in the early 90s but recently bought one for my fiance for christmas and it has sparked a new obsession in me!

I've done a lot of research but I'm curious: What brands to you all collect? Do you go for vintage or currently produced models? Do you order online or find them in stores?

I don't know enough yet to specialize a collection so I guess I'm looking for pointers on where to start. What are some essentials I should be looking for? Unfortunately, it seems many lamps are only available over seas (I'm in the US). Those Mathmos candle-heated lamps look sick, does anyone know if we can get them over here?

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Your best bet is to look for LavaLite lamps from the 90s. Look for the signature shape of the globe and head over to eBay or many people on here are looking to get rid of or trade lamps. You could always go that route.

I buy mine anywhere I can find them, I have new, vintage, name brand and off brand.  I simply buy what I like.

You can buy brand new Lava brand china made 32oz or 52oz lamps for $20-25 at Spence'rs gifts. I personally like the new Clearview 32s from Spencer's, but I agree with Doug. You really want 80s-90s U.S.A made Lava brand lamps, especially the Centuries, and Wizards. Ebay and Craigslist are good places to start but Ive genuinely had my best luck with thrift stores. 12 of the last 15 lamps I've bought since October have come from Goodwills and Salvation Army Stores.

I'm no stranger to the thrift store, none around here (central PA) have ever had any that I've seen :-( The two I have now are from Spencers and my parents said they just found my Route 66 gaspump lamp so I'm pretty psyched to have that again. I will definitely search for the 80s and 90s ones... I feel the US made ones are probably longer lasting lol

The US  made lamps are just more interesting with the base designs, color combinations, and lava flow. The thing with thrift store hunting is exactly that hunting and chasing lamps around. I know its a bit time consuming and strange but Ive got about 8-10 different thrift stores I check twice a week. Sometimes i go weeks with out finding anything, but then others I find three or four over the course of a few days.

I am definitely going to start checking mine out more regularly. I actually just found a listing on craigslist for a vintage lamp that still works for $30! I left a message so here's hoping I can score that one!

Same as Gwen I buy what I like but there is a BIG UK vs USA. In the UK you can easily get Mathmos lamps where as in the US they are gold dust. Being in the UK most of my collection is 2nd hand Mathmos items from Ebay. I have some genric brand china lamps I got when i was a kid, some china lava lite lamps and some USA lava lite lamps some import UK converted ones and some from USA from people hear.

I am really starting to like the new lava lite items as they are so much more funky then the Mathmos ones - but unfortunatly  this is just a shadow of lava lite's crazy 90 heyday

I get a lot of my lamps from Ebay, gumtree (UK version of cragslist) ochangaly I will buy from Mathmos or from shops selling lavalite or interesting lamps.

I'm really dig those Mathmos lamps. I found this site and just oogle over the pics lol http://www.historyofthelavalamp.com/ I wish we could get some over here in the US but we do seem to have some neat ones. I remember in the 90s seeing some truly awesome lamps at Fishbone (skater/"punk" store) and wish I had grabbed them.

Garage sales!! I've gotten 2 lamps that I revamped and one that was in working order but I dropped it on my way in the house :( I also keep my eye out on Ebay, craigslist and post it on fb that I'm always looking :)

Welcome to the obsession Chonzo!

Thanks! I'm picking up (what appears to be) a Century 100 (red/yellow) wed morning. I found it on Craigslist and the lady says it still works! There's no clouding in the liquid (that I can tell from the pics) so epic plus! Assuming the deal goes down, I'll post pics on wed when it's fired up and gooey.

BTW, for those who have "made your own" lamps w/ the goo kits... how does that turn out? I have an empty Crystal Head vodka bottle that would look sick with some bubbling goo inside.

Here's mine. It literally JUST started flowing like this. Let me know if you can't see it cause it's posted to facebook and i don't know how that works here.

Word of advice......Patience is a virtue

I looks pink but it is red :) I'm psyched!


Nope, won't let me view it :-/ I'm a newbie and maybe am just overly excited by a new obsession but I can't wait to start making my own lamps. I'm an artist and have so many cool ideas for base and cap customizations. Do many people in the community do that as well? I haven't seen much in that regard...

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