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So I have two 52oz Lavaworld lava lamps that don't work properly.

Lamp number one is a pink/yellow lamp. It's clear and I love the colour, but it is also one of the ones with a defective coil that doesn't flow at all.

Lamp number two is a black/clear lamp. It was on display at the Spencer's that I worked at for long, long before I (or any of my co-workers) worked there. So it has been on for 12 hours a day for at least two years. It flows perfectly (in fact, it has a better "personality" than any of my other lamps), but it is extremely cloudy from a combination of being on for so long and stupid customers manhandling it. I do not have the base for this lamp as it was thrown out when our store closed, but that's all right because I have other lamps.

I was thinking I'd just open up the black one, drain it, and steal the coil from it to put in the pink one, but then I noticed that after leaving it off for three days, it has gotten a lot clearer. I mean, it still looks terrible, but now I'm starting to think that maybe I could save it. But I really, really like the pink one. But the black one is neat too. :(

Who do I save? Which one would be easier to save? Is there a way I could fix both of them?
(PS: I am not going to buy a $80 filter pump. I can't afford it. I'd probably just try a combination of cycling it and pouring it through Brita water filters or something.)

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Well, I just used my last coil on a crappy Lava World lamp that I just bought (wouldn't work-straight out of the box) or I would send one to you. I'm gonna look through my lamp stuff and if one that I had forgotten about shows up I will send it to you.
Maybe some other gooer out there WILL HAVE AN EXTRA COIL....hint...hint, guys.
Anyhow, I'm gonna look today and let you know. Don't ruin a perfectly good lamp just 'cause of the coil. I'm sure that someone has an extra.
PS I bought the filter. I got it on e-bay for $45. I tried aquarium fileters and that was a no-go. If you can find a good deal on one like I did, it is worth every cent.
Thank you.

Does anyone know what the coil is made out of, and if it would be possible to make my own? Because I went out and bought a cheaper lamp and it is nicer than all of my Lava World ones, haha.

Honestly, I think at this point I'm just going to forget Lava World. They've been nothing but a headache, both from a retail perspective (too many defects and unhappy customers) and from owning them myself. I'm still going to fix both of these lamps, but I'm not going to buy any of their products in the future unless something changes.
I called LW yesterday to see if I could order some replacement coils. And I was told [quote] "Once a lamp is opened it is no longer a working lamp, so we do not sell replacement parts." [end quote]
So what that leads me to believe is that I have a helvalot of "non-working" lamps! 'Cause the first thing that I do is open the lamp and start messing with it.
I will be doing some pours soon, so I will hopefully have an extra coil, if all works out well. As soon as I have a coil, I'll drop you a line & we'll get it up to you before it's even dry!
Really? That would be amazing. Thanks so much. Do I owe you anything in return?
Ok, I just finished my pour. So I got a 52oz. coil. Send me your address and I'll get it in the mail to you.
You can send the address to chariot_o_fire@hotmail.com.
PS In re-payment I will accept: your soul, or your first born, or 10K, or just a simple "Thanks." Any or all would be gladly accepted. On second thought--keep the kid....I like my sleep.....
I've sent you an e-mail, thanks so much.

Do you think I should remove the old coil first, or just drop the new one in? I've been reading through the other posts, and a few talk about having double coils, but I'm not sure since this first coil is obviously defective.
So, I received the coil from Bert, and my lamp now works as well as the rest of my China lamps -- that is to say, I am pleased. Thanks. :)
Glad that it is fixed! Yey! Another lamp saved!
I have to remove the spring from my clear/white 52 and see what it's problem is. Hopefully get it fixed. The wax just will not adhere to it.
All you can do is replace it. The springs are bad in alot of the new 52s.

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