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like many, the cone of my Lunar is damaged.

To repair it while keeping the mirror finish is not easy, so I contacted a guy who can make a repro.

It will be the exact same part, in aluminium but only in satin finish (it's possible to have it polished later).

Price is very expensive for one unit, but can be reasonable if enough parts are made.

If ten cones are made, one unit will cost around 35 eur. (+shipping).

So if you're interested, just reply this message.

And if we're enough we can make a small serie.

PS: otherwise if you've got a perfect original one for sale, I'm interested :-)

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So... no one interested by this?

Count me in ... assuming it can be polished relatively easily!

yes i will have one


Did you ever get your lunar cones made?

D Newnham,

as I said in first post, the price for one unit is very expensive, so no I didn't.

I need to order 10 units to get a correct price.

The shop need to create a model from my cone, and that's the expensive part.

Then 1 or 10 unit to do won't make much a difference.

The difference is: the cost is shared by 10 persons instead of one.

Shame, seems odd that there wouldn't be ten people in this community to take one each.

Well, I'm not in a hurry, so I'll wait (like the others I hope)

And I may have 2 for me, and sell one on ebay.

I guess it will fetch far more than 35 or 40eur...

I wonder if Mathmos would be unhappy if your people also made replacement base shells and legs.

I would love to do a full Lunar replica... in copper!!!

(too expensive unfortunately, but with money everything is possible)

That would be fabulous, or even brass. Need to sell a few more artworks first.


Is it still possible to order one?

Kind regards,


Unfortunately I never managed to get 10 people interested so I gave up.

But we can try again.

If you are interested, reply this message with adding your name on the list.

-Astralav : 2 Cones.

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