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like many, the cone of my Lunar is damaged.

To repair it while keeping the mirror finish is not easy, so I contacted a guy who can make a repro.

It will be the exact same part, in aluminium but only in satin finish (it's possible to have it polished later).

Price is very expensive for one unit, but can be reasonable if enough parts are made.

If ten cones are made, one unit will cost around 35 eur. (+shipping).

So if you're interested, just reply this message.

And if we're enough we can make a small serie.

PS: otherwise if you've got a perfect original one for sale, I'm interested :-)

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Vincent 2 Cones

Please add your name on the list:

-Astralav: 2 Cones

-Vince Corleone: 2 Cones

Vince Corleone said:

Vincent 2 Cones

Add mine please

Please add your name on the list:

-Astralav: 2 Cones

-Vince Corleone: 2 Cones

-Naomi: 1 Cone

i will take 8, ... 5 fore my lunars without cones :(


-Astralav: 2 Cones

-Vince Corleone: 2 Cones

-Naomi: 1 Cone

-Tommy: 8 Cones!

Well, I think now we're enough to make a serie of replica cones :-)

I will contact the guy again next week.

I'll let you know...

What about the bullet tip, I only need that!

No Bullet tip I'm afraid.

Hi there,

I talked with the guy today. No good news :-(

There might be an issue with the finish.

(something we didn't make clear or misunderstood a couple of years ago when I first contacted him).

He said he's making a wood tool (some kind of mold if you prefer) from the original part to make the replica parts.

And the wood tool might show some visual flaws on the part if mirror polished later. (but would be OK with "brushed finish").

The flaws can't be removed by polishing, it is not surface finish flaw but more unperfect shape flaw.

Of course, I want the same finish as the original one, so I asked him if there is a way to fix that issue.

He says it is possible by using a metal tool to shape the part.

Problem, it is far more expensive than the wood one (more than X2!)

So before I go to see him again with my cone, I just want to let you know that this project will cost more than expected (remember that the first price I gave you was without polishing, so now it is more than X2 expensive than before, and still you have to add polishing price).

I would completely understand if you're not interested anymore, just let me know.

And if there is still enough people interested, I will see the guy again to have the exact price.


Well, I see there isn't so much interest here.

So I give up.

Did you get enough interest? I'm guessing not! I would be interested.

A while back i investigaed this issue 5-14-16

I found polished replicas avalilable from Frank at gameroom parts. Email: info@gameroom-parts.nl

Price was EUR 129 including shipping to USA

He had 10 left at the time

He also has a replica of the bullet tip, price EUR 21 , and no shipping when ordered together with the cone replica.

total is $150 USD inc shipping at todays exchange rate

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