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Every once in a while I see a LL go for buku bucks on Ebay and I wonder if it is because it is very rare and I just don't know the value or if crazy bidders are just trying to out bid each other. Is there any real reason that this lamp should go for over $200?


Fabulous! Retro MOD ORIGINAL LAVA LITE Lamp Light w BOX


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Kelly...if you have any extras of the Peace Icon...can we talk?

Kelly said:
Dave, let me know which ones you are missing...  I've got a lot of dupes.  And, I won't ask $195 for any of them!  ;)

dave p. said:

Well, went and picked lamp up the post office. Great news is that it arrived in mint shape, NOS. I don't think the globe has ever been fired. The seller really knew how to pack it. There's no chips of cracks in the base, globe is crystal clear #21, cap is in great shape. I think it was a lot, but I'm super stoked to have it! Esp. in the original box with paperwork. It's warming up and I will post some pics of it later. I almost now have most of the Ceramic Series 2 collected, minus 2 or 3 give or take.



What's the going rate for Spooktacular these days? Or any of the holiday icons?

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