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I bought this on EBay this past week.  Cleaned up pretty nice and I hope the fluid will clear some when I run it through a few cycles.  If it doesn't I may do a transplant like I have my other Consorts.  It made it from Kansas to Indiana in 2 days by US mail, so I'm grateful the seller was good at packing. 


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Rarity in deed. Consorts rarely survive the trip unscathed unless they have hardly ever been used. 

I once had the Windsor in a glitter format, that was beautiful also. 

Definitely one of the nicest vintage lava lamp designs. It's nice to see on in such good condition. Enjoy!
Cool lamp, lovely vintage LL beauty.

Weebs, where'd your Glitterlite Windsor go?


Nice rare model, this. This was in the transition stage of the green/blue color, which tended to age to what's seen here. Mine has never cleared up - but if it doesn't, I still say keep it as-is, since early Consort bottles that still flow at all are uncommon. Go over the base with a wet cloth and the faux wood-grain should shine nicely.

> Weebs, where'd your Glitterlite Windsor go?


I sold it to someone who gobbled up a bunch of my consorts and regencys.

Nice LL - hope it cleans up well, its not my taste in LL but enjoy.

I gues if i were to get one I would do a paint job on everything except the globe and mabie also make the lava more matalic.

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