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I finally got myself a Wizard glitter (yay!) in red liquid, and the cap code is not 32WG, but its not just 32. It says 32W, and the glitter is not in little silver squares, it is little silver hexagons. It is definitely USA, but looking through the lava library it says the wizards have little squares, and the cap code should just be 32. Also, the glitter likes to get stuck to the bottom after a little while of it being on, and so there is only half of the glitter swirling around inside. The liquid looks like it is lower than usual. Help?

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Ian, all my glitter Wizards have cap codes of the number of the color and "W" only.   I think the WG was the code for the clear/multi color glitter Wizard.   Not sure about the shape of the glitter, mine are all small silver squares.  

Some say the bulb is too hot if the glitter stalls and drops.  I had one that did that, but changing the wattage on the bulbs didn't help, but a base change did.  

As for the fluid level, sometimes it is a little below the cap, especially if you have one of the shorter Wizard caps, when it's cool.   After heating up, is the fluid level still below the cap?    If so, you might try to find the longer cap for your glitter globe.

Appears to me that you received a refill of a 32oz globe from the newer 20oz globes. All my 32oz glitter globes have little square glitter not the hex glitter. I have all the glitter globes, with yellow, green & orange homemade, and do not have the original multi-color glitter globes (WG). I used the M&M glitter (3) to make a faux multi-color clear and two 20oz red (Hex Glitter) and put color on the bottom of the globe to make the faux multi color 32WG for my collection.


I maybe wrong in my statement and if I am I hope someone will correct my statement and educate me.

I think you're right tweavs, that shape glitter is not in any of mine either.   I have all Wizard glitters except green, yellow and orange.  Not sure any of those three, except yellow, were ever really made.   Maybe they were mixed from combos of the red/blue/yellows to make the orange and green, I don't know that for sure either.   I am afriad Ian does have a refilled globe instead of the original LL formula though. 

Maybe some of the experts will set us to rights about that.  I need educating too.

BTW, Ian, you still might try a smaller wattage bulb if you have a 40 watt in it.   It might be too hot.  Just because that solution didn't help mine, don't mean it won't help yours, especially if it's a China fluid in it.

Oh okay. Well I tried a smaller wattage bulb but it did the same thing. It doesnt really look like it was tampered with, but it could be... It has a very strong chemical smell after leaving the cap on it and taking it off. It is almost like the cap is not fully sealed on. The cap I have for it is the longer one, cause I have a lava wizard also and it has the shorter cap. It is about an inch and a half from the bottom of the cap. When fully heated up it is about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the cap. Did lava lite themselves do the refills, using the new china liquid, or did someone take the lamp into their own hands and refill it? The cap looks untouched.

Okay, I lied. It is only about an inch from the bottom of the cap when cooled, and I think it is level with the bottom of the cap when fully heated. But still, I didnt think they were that far down.. Maybe its leaky, but that still doesnt explain the different glitter inside.

No, the Wizard globes were US made.  Tweavs and I thought you might have gotten hold of one that someone who had it previously had re-filled and used China fluid and glitter, or some other brand other than LL.  All my Wizard glitters have the little square silver glitter in them.   Did you try putting it on your Wizard "lava" base?   Just to test?    My first lamp was a Wizard lava, but it has the older black base and longest cap on it, and is a purple/yellow.  I still have it.   Not sure why my glitter that had stalled and dropped to the bottom, started working when I put it on another base which had the same type 40 watt bulb in it.

It sounds like some liquid has been lost, that level sounds too low.   I don't understand that shape of glitter either or the fact that the "soda" type globe cap doesn't look disturbed.   I was hoping one of the experts would see this and comment.  I have a lot of Wizards, but am no expert by any stretch of the imagination.   I do think that liquid is toxic though.  I don't think I'd be breathing those fumes from an open cap if I were you.  We just bumped this thread back to the top by commenting on it, hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will see it and answer in the morning.   That odd shaped glitter is a mystery to me.

Bump.  Could someone with much more knowledge than me please answer this question for Ian? 

Whoops, I forgot, some glitters that fit on the Wizard are China bottles.   I got hold of the "Teal" and was told on the website that it was a US globe.   It wasn't.  It had a China cap on it and is horrible.  It flows, but is so dark you cannot see the color at all.  I was not a happy camper about being mislead.   Now that site has put a note on there saying the Teal is a China globe......too late for me though.

Oh okay. Thank you so much for your help! I am just really confused about this lol. I just put it in my lava base and it is flowing, I have to wait awhile for it to fully heat up. The original base on it is black and the cap is very long, maybe it is the same as yours and makes the glitter drop. The lava base i put it on is a silver base with the shorter cap. The glitter is very swirly though, and it is not just "up the middle and down the outside" flow as most of the china glitters have.

I have heard that they are toxic, lol I have only breathed in the fumes accidentally cause they were very strong. I might put some electrical tape around the bottle cap, just in case it is leaking. Speaking of the cap, it is indeed a USA globe cause the cap says lava lite and it says the usual made in USA by Haggarty Enterprises. It also has that funky red extension inside of it, the thing that only the USA glitters have. It is still intact completely, that also makes me believe that it was not opened or tampered with, but I could be wrong. 

The glitter is very tiny, it is just as tiny as the squares are, its just that they are hexagonal. It is very pretty as it looks like stardust. If I get the chance, I will upload a picture of it. I just dont have a camera that would show any detail whatsoever at the moment.

LOL, Ian,  I'm glad you're not passed out in the floor from fumes!!   I think Kirk is on here now, and he knows his stuff about glitters.  We'll see what he says.  I'm confused too!!  :-)     BTW, I had that blue glitter globe that stalled on a black, red, and silver base, and none of them worked.   I put it on my new dark blue one, and wa la, it took off and has not stalled since.  Go figure??   My lava is still on its original black base.

I just had a thought, which might or might not be good.  Maybe someone at some time put a 60 watt bulb in your lamp, and nearly blew it up like a pressure cooker, since that would be way too hot and dangerous too.   Getting that hot might have made the liquid level drop and the red plug and soda cap get loose because it was nearly ready to blow out of the globe.    That might be why you are smelling that chemical smell, but still doesn't answer our question about the strange shaped glitter.  

Bumping this again, Ian needs some advice and I've just confused him further probaby, since I am confused myself about the glitter shape in his globe.

I have come across the hex shaped glitter in a usa made globe before. They made these right before going to china. Mine, like yours stalled after a while. I ended up selling it for $1 just to get rid of it because it was junk.

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